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Sectional Garage Doors

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Turn your garage into your home’s best feature with 

Sectional Garage Doors

Choosing the right garage door for you, your family and your home can be difficult but with the Sectional range of garage doors, we have developed a system that will not only transform the look of your property, but provide a quality, reliable solution that is as functional as it is attractive.

With many years’ experience in the garage door industry we understand that deciding on a new garage door for your home is exciting, yet can at the same time be quite daunting. With so many things to consider, we have developed a door that addresses everything – security, kerb-appeal, ease of operation and choice – meaning our Sectionals provide the perfect package.

If you’re in Essex, Cambridgeshire, Suffolk or Norfolk our Sectional doors may be perfect for you!
sectional garage doors

Uncompromising Quality, The Choice is Yours…

Choose a door that fits around you.

When you decide to purchase a Sectional Garage Door, you are introduced into a world of choice, meaning every door is unique to its owner.

You are in control over how your door looks, so whether you want to match your neighbours or stand out from the crowd there is a design configuration that will suit you.

Deciding what matters to you will help you in designing the perfect door – would you like daylight in your garage? Choose from our selection of portholes and glazing. Would you like to match your door to your existing windows and doors? We have an extensive choice of colours including the ability to spray in any RAL colour!

Accessorise your door with a choice of stylish accessory options. To introduce light into your garage choose from a choice of stainless steel, porthole windows and glazing options. We also have a choice of aluminium handles. You even decide where your accessories are positioned!

Make it Yours

Every step of the build is down to you. Beginning with your own specific sizes and ending with your choice of colour, finish and accessories the end result will be completely unique.

• Fully bespoke sizing
• Choose from 4 panel types
• Choose from hundreds of colours
• Choose your finish from smooth or embossed
• Choose your accessories (windows and frames)
• Choose your operator

Design a garage door that complements family life.

Sectional Garage Doors 

provide reliable performance when you need it most, and are designed to accommodate everyday modern life.

Automated control means the doors can be operated with just the touch of a button, unlike the cumbersome opening associated with traditional up and over garage doors. The Black Edition operator features a unique locking system for added security.

If you value your time and don’t want to spend your weekends cleaning the garage, you’ll love the low- maintenance finish, especially if you opt for Anthracite Dura – our most durable finish which does a fantastic job of minimising dirt or marks.

Own the best-looking garage on your street, without compromising on safety!

The finger-safe design ensures fingers cannot be caught or trapped between the panels, meaning the door can be safely operated around pets and children without worries.

Every electrically operated Sectional has obstacle detection built into the motor, which means it will never close when anything is detected in its path, providing perfect peace of mind for all the family.

sectional garage doors
sectional garage doors

“My wife loves how easy it is to open and close the door. Getting the bikes in and out of the garage is so quick now!”

Fit to Perfection!

Every garage door is made to measure a bespoke fit for each and every house.

There is nothing more satisfying than a perfect fit, and because our

sectional garage doors

are made to measure, this is guaranteed every time. A perfect fit means a perfect seal so your garage will remain watertight no matter what the British weather throws at us!


Proudly Manufactured in the UK
All of our Sectional doors are made in our factory in the Lancashire countryside, by specialist assembly engineers and state of the art machinery. From order through to despatch, each door is handled with care and given the utmost attention to detail, meaning once installed, your new Sectional garage door will be everything you hoped it would be stunning good looks, smooth operation and a perfect fit. Maximise drive-through width, increasing space and flexibility with the option to install behind the brickwork.

sectional garage doors

“My garage is my workshop, and it’s important for me that it is warm during the winter months. The thick panels have definitely helped to keep my garage cosy, meaning I can work on my projects all year round!”

Superior Performance!

Our insulated panels, not only keep the heat in, but on hot days, they help to keep your garage cool.

sectional garage doors

“I am blown away by the quality of my new door. It far exceeds my expectations and is a joy to use.”

Built to Last!

High grade materials are used to ensure a durable garage door, to withstand everyday living.

By choosing a Sectional garage door, you are investing in a door that will last for years to come, however its classic, understated appearance mean it will be a timeless addition to your home.

Effortless Operation!

Perhaps one of the Sectional’s best features is its automated control.

Guaranteed to give your garage a touch of luxury, electrically operated garage doors provide both convenience and simplicity, whilst maximising the space inside your garage.

door-controlElectric automation
With electric automation you can operate your door without leaving
your home or car. Drive straight up to your garage, open your door and drive straight in. Perfect for wet and windy conditions! Manual option also available.

door-controlSmooth operators
Available with a choice of operators, including the Black Edition which provides smooth, quiet operation and comes complete with a 5-year warranty. The Black Edition motor also benefits from built-in advanced security features.

door-controlChoice of remotes
Make your door your own with a choice of 5 stylish remote controls. Each door comes complete with 2 remote controls so choose two alike or mix and match – the choice is yours!
door-controlEasy to use
The simple design of our remote controls results in a door which is extremely easy to use. With SeceuroGlide Sectional, access to your garage really is as simple as the click of a button.
sectional garage doors

Stunning options for any home.

Choose your new garage in 3 simple steps:

panel-design1. Panel design
Begin by choosing from our 4 elegant panel types. If you’re looking to achieve a traditional style we have the popular Georgian cassette, or for a more contemporary appearance, how about the centre ribbed or un-ribbed panels?


panel-finish2. Finish
Next, choose your finish. Whether you go for smooth or embossed, you’ll love the finished look.

3. Colours
This is where you can truly create your ideal garage door.

Available in any RAL colour or BS colour, Sectionals provide the opportunity to match your door to your windows, front door or even your car!

Here are some of our most popular finishes, including our metallic colours.

door colours

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